AI: AltimatOS Installer

AI is our custom installation utility that will guide new users through the task of installing AltimatOS on to their computer. The overarching goal is to make AI intuitive and user friendly, yet not sacrifice the flexibility necessary needed for all three branches of AltimatOS (Desktop, Workstation, and Server). The technologies used in AI are Perl 5, PerlQt, RPM5, and GNU PartEd.


The goals of the AI project are to develop an easy to use, and easy to maintain installer for AltimatOS. To acheive these goals, the user interface must conform to standard human interface design paradigms, be well documented both in the code and externally, and be flexible enough to be extended for other purposes.


The rapid application development aspects of Perl and Qt allow us to speed the development of AI and keep the interface attractive. Additionally, to develop the partitioning software, we aim to wrap the GNU PartEd command line tool with our PerlQt frontend. To optimise the application to run quicker, we use the Inline::C Perl 5 module to gain access to system level APIs that make certain slower code paths in Perl execute much faster. Finally, to innovate and lead the way for other distributions, AltimatOS' AI uses RPM 5, the main upstream development version of RPM from to install the operating system.

Overview of the Installer:

AI is comprised of two seperate applications ai amd aftwizard and a number of reusable PerlQt and plain Perl 5 modules. The ai application has been designed install the packages from the planned live DVD, and to get the common required configuration files written to disk. The second application, aftwizard, is meant to guide the user in completeing the system's configuration. The various libraries and modules developed for AI will be reused for other tools in AltimatOS.

AI is developed out of a SVN repository on at this time. The public sources are located at:

To get an idea of what it looks like please look at the screen shots of it below:


Introduction screenshot

License Agreement:

License screenshot

Time zone selection:

Time zone selection screenshot

Installation options:

Installation options screenshot


Partitioning screenshot

Disk modification:

Disk modification screenshot

Installation progress:

Installation progress screenshot


Closing screenshot