What is AltimatOS?

AltimatOS is a computer operating system designed for your day to day life. With an easy to use graphical environment based off the acclaimed KDE Plasma Desktop, AltimatOS will deliver the power of UNIX-like systems, yet with the ease of use associated with other more common systems. Currently, AltimatOS is under heavy internal development by the core development team, as we build the various components and create numerous new tools to make the desktop experience friendlier to use.

Request for Developers

As time has gone on for the AltimatOS project, the severe lack of developer resources has caused the distribution's planned release dates to slip. Because of this, we are asking that members of the free software community that are interested in creating an innovative and easy to use KDE based operating system please step forward and help make AltimatOS a reality.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email our developer mailing list for information.

How Soon Until a Release Will be Available?

We are working hard on developing an installable live DVD that will allow you to try it out before you commit to an installation.

Please be patient as we prepare a world-class user experience that we're sure you will love.